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Learning, understanding, knowing by doing are key ingredients to perform better in health delivery and for making informed health choices.

What we do

Medical Training Services – MTS acts globally by empowering people in their communities and healthcare providers in medical settings to enhance their health competencies.



Health Workshops in Communities

People & Communities health empowerment and capacity building

Healthcare professionals Training

Providing disease specific chronic care management training, enhancing health professionals skills in medical consultation management and communication with patients

Guiding in delivering patient education    (Patient Therapeutic Education Methodology) specially with chronic patients


Health Advocacy

Promoting wellbeing & healthy lifestyles, raising chronic diseases awareness through Health Days Events, Workshops, Social Media Campaigns, Meetings with main involved Stakeholders

Patient Advice & Counseling

Providing health education for empowering patients to make informed health choices & to prevent or care for their chronic diseases, with individual consultations, health talks/workshops and group coachings

NCDs Management Strategies

Guiding in structure change to improve NCDs management (Care Pathways, Patients files, Care processes) Establishing interdisciplinary collaborative care teams as standard to fulfil chronic patients specific needs


Health Programs

Offering Group Coaching Health Programs targeting specific health conditions tailored to individual needs and culturally adapted

innovating in healthcare delivery with putting people first.

generating new ideas …

Ideas coming from health trainings participants are à fortiori individualized, tailored to their needs, fitting their purpose. Guiding health projects for their implementation is therefore culture sensitive, pragmatic and  self-sustainable keeping in mind “TOT process” for trainees to train others, thus completing the empowerment process! 


Health projects

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

Why we are different

Training programs are trainee focus – either patient, community or healthcare provider – based on a learner centred approach. 

Using a wide range of training techniques, workshops are innovative and interactive, keeping high quality standards with systematic evaluation by participants.

Great importance is given to practising skills such as communication, project management, self-care, etc.

Training Languages are English, French or Urdu/Hindi

Our Latest Work

Projects developped

in collaboration with partners around the world

Our focus :

chronic diseases care

Chronic diseases or Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) are long lasting health conditions requiring everyday care. It is a 24/7 call for the person living with this condition requiring regular support from an accessible, empowered and efficient care team.

  • Huge personal, social & economic burden
  • Patient role in disease management is key
  • Include Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, COPD/Asthma, Obesity, and many more
  • Share common risk factors: Tobacco use, Unhealthy Diet, Physical Inactivity, Harmful use of alcohol


  • Mortality due to NCDs – 70%
  • Deaths due to NCDs that are premature – 48%
  • NCDs related preventable deaths – 80%


   Proposing strategies for empowering people in their communities to take charge of their own health and enabling them to make informed health choices.

Providing Patient Education & Self-Management Support enhancing  their chronic care management competencies through innovative and participative training workshops.

The two ends of health partnership

Our expertise is in bringing the best from the two main actors of the health partnership: Primary Healthcare Delivery Organizations/Teams and People in their Communities. 

Primary Healthcare Delivery Organizations & Care Providers Teams Training


Patients & Communities Health Empowerment and Capacity Building

From Our Clients

“Ateliers très intéressants qui allient théorie et pratique dans un environnement sympa. J’en suis sortie avec de bonnes résolutions: adopter les bons gestes et postures dans mes mouvements, et ce pour ma santé!”

Stéphanie, France

Training & Development Consultant, Digital learning projects

“I gained confidence in group management and learnt many new training techniques. I have changed my way of training with giving more space to trainees’ participation, and enjoy planning different activities.”

Dr Teresa Labib, Egypt

Medical Doctor

“It is the first time i am having a training to improve my knowledge and my skills. When I talk now with  ladies living and working in this area of garbage collection and recycling, I have a different way to deliver health messages. I take more time in listening and understanding what the needs of the ladies visiting the Well Baby Center are, than giving advices.”

Christine, Egypt

Community Health Worker , APE

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