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for empowering health

Health is our most precious wealth.

And a human right.

01. Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare providers are feeling overwhelmed with chronic patients, dealing with complexity of disease care. Doctors as other health professionals need to count on their patients as care partners.

02. Patients in Communities

People in their communities, patients living with a chronic illness are their first care providers. Every day they need to take health decisions as they know themselves best.


Medical Training Services equips health professionals and patients’ communities alike with adequate training, knowledge, and capacity.

For empowering health.

Our innovation in healthcare delivery is fuelled by empowered patients philosophy

Ideas coming from health trainings participants are à fortiori individualized, tailored to their needs, fitting their purpose. Guiding health projects for their implementation is therefore culture sensitive, pragmatic and  self-sustainable keeping in mind “TOT process” for trainees to train others, thus completing the empowerment process.

Health events

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Cups Of Coffee



“I gained confidence in group management and learned many new training techniques.

I have changed my way of training with giving more space to trainees’ participation, and enjoy planning different activities.”

Dr Teresa Labib

Medical Doctor, Egypt

” These workshops were very useful for me to learn how to manage my body. I know now that all our body is connected, and it is important to take care of it.
Now I know how to choose good things for my body and mind, to stay stronger and healthier.  It is possible to change your way of life with little steps, it is just a matter of determination and will: that is what was given to me through these workshops.”

Training participant, Turkey


I am a Health Professional

Find out why you need to know more about patient education and how helping your patients with self-management support can save your time and bring you peace of mind!


I am a Patient or a Person in my community

Your health is your best asset! As you know yourself best, who better than you can care for your health?

Learn how to improve your health skills. Become the CEO of your health!


“For a world where everyone is empowered with the knowledge and ability to make informed health choices, regardless of educational or social backgrounds.”

Dr. Anbreen-Slama Chaudhry

GP | Founder & CEO, Medical Training Services (MTS)