Conversations with children during confinement

While not wanting to sound very dire, the underlying message is very pertinent for us during the present times when we are bombarded with messages and memes, theories and advice, news – real or otherwise – from all directions. And this assumes much greater importance in our role as parents. Never before (after the toddler stage perhaps) have so many of us had to spend so much time with our children…and our children with us!

Children are like sponges and in this situation what we as parents say or do, advertently or inadvertently, can have a deep a lasting impact in shaping their thoughts and behavior, or in how they process the world around them. So, parents/adults need to keep a few things in mind:

  1. Be mindful of what you discuss in front of children – You may be having a discussion with your spouse or just sharing some jokes or forwards. The two of you in this conversation may know that this is not to be taken seriously. However, your child may construe an entirely different meaning out of it. So, we need to be mindful of the conversations we are having in the vicinity of the child and not just to the children themselves. On a lighter note, while children may sometimes seem impervious to what’s being said to them, they have this uncanny ability to pick up titbits not actually meant for them.
  2. Model positive behavior – Children also pick up a lot from what they observe grownups doing or how they react to a situation. So, let us take this as an opportunity to model to children how to deal with such a situation sensibly but positively. This could also be the opportunity for us to underscore how fortunate we are in comparison to so many others, and this could be a pathway that leads them to greater empathy and compassion.
  3. Create spaces for open sharing – Having done or not done any of the above, it is still true that we will have many worries or apprehensions. So will our children. It would be good to create some dedicated time and space for open sharing within the family where both parents and children can share what’s on their minds. This will give parents an idea of what’s playing through the children’s minds (may surprise us sometimes!) as also demonstrate to the children that it’s ok to feel vulnerable and to express it (“hey not just me…even Mum Dad can feel like scared sometimes”!)

So good luck to us parents…who knows we may actually emerge from this having forged much stronger bonds with our kids and they with us!

Celebrating Health!

On April 7th was World Health Day. An online event gathered international guest speakers who managed dedicating some of their precious time to the conversation, sharing their experience about how they are adapting to the world health crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We had voices from the healthcare system, from people in their communities and from the business environment. Each of them shared their health message for empowering health personally and globally.

Each year, World Health Day is an opportunity to draw worldwide attention to a subject of major global health. In our current global health climate, to commemorate World Health Day feels more important than ever.

This year’s World Health Day is dedicated to supporting the work of nurses, midwives and health workers who work tirelessly to support our individual and collective health. In the time of COVID-19, nurses, midwives, and health workers need our support even more than ever to bring to a halt one of the most important health crisis in recent modern history.

Our online event was an occasion to showcase a different health perspective about the coronavirus crisis, with a focus on individual testimonials highlighting stories of resilience and the need to reclaim self-care in order to achieve health care.

This event was broadcasted by Expert Channel TV, bringing the best-curated content for International Speakers, Experts, and Corporations.

A replay is available on all social media platforms here:, and here are few take home messages.

“This crisis has brought about solidarity”

Dr. Anbreen Slama-Chaudhry, GP and Health entrepreneur, Switzerland and Cairo

“Steep learning curve for frontliners”

Dr. Mamsallah Faal-Omisore, GP, UK and Nigeria

“Want to share the message of hope and humility”

Prof. Jérôme Pugin, Head of ICU, Geneva University Hospitals, Switzerland

“Important to disseminate clear evidence-based messages”

Dr. Saeed Abduljalil, Consultant and Assistant Professor of Family Medicine Cairo University, Egypt

“Focus on the use of technology adapted to local needs”

Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmad, Digital Health Entrepreneur, Pakistan

“Dealing with uncertainty is an opportunity to learn about the growth mindset” 

Heleniq Argyrou, Clinical psychologist, The Netherlands

Sorry to have missed Miracle Adesina, Country Coordinator, Slum and Rural Health Information, University of Ibadan, Nigeria – who couldn’t join because of time miscommunication. His theme was: Reaching out to local communities with behavioral communication and change messages

Sorry to have missed Dr. Precious Proscovia owing to confusion over time. She is a Neuroscience Nurse and the Founder of Precious Kids Foundation, a non-profit based in San Fransisco, USA

“Immigrants are facing the obligation to remain where they are for now”

Diana Tapia, Founder of Worldwide Immigrants Association, Canada

“Struggle for people with chronic conditions…issue of affordability and access while exposing themselves to Coronavirus risk”

Elizabeth Pfiester, Founder & Executive Director of T1International, UK-US – Global

“Be kind to yourself, allow yourself to do what you can”

Fiona Conner, mother & health advocate, UK

“Makes you (& everyone) realize the price of health”

Bertrand Burgalat, artist & producer, France

“Maintain balance…between paranoia and recklessness”

Rapti Mukherjee, HR & development professional, Expat, and mother, Cairo

“Businesses should turn towards a higher purpose at this time”

Victoria Cole, CEO Wunderman Thompson, Argentina

“Multiply actions of solidarity at any level” 

Mina Makar, Art Director & Graphic designer, Egypt

“Complete shift for schools, going online to keep children education going…but better to do something than nothing”

Senida Kiehl, Founder of Excellence in Expat Education, global

“Strengthening humanity in the workspace”

Claudia Gross, Human Resources Management & Organizational Innovator, Germany

“Had to adapt fast to deliver organic food to people”

Omar Abdellatif, Sustainable agriculture expert with Organic Egypt, Egypt

“Opportunity to think about simpler living and favoring the kilometer zero concepts”

Nanette Deunk, Industrial Engineer & Global Sustainability expert, The Netherlands

Soraya, Founder Rdna and promoter of organic food in Egypt is currently juggling her work as well as being a mother to two kids. She joined but then had to log off due to some family obligations. Thanks for joining us Soraya!