Knowledge and skills that bring you...


Knowledge and skills that bring you...


Knowledge and skills that bring you...

Peace of mind.

Knowledge and skills that bring you...

Power to change your life.
Knowledge is power.
Health awareness impacts change.
Your health knowledge and self-care skills thrive your wellbeing.
Your capacity to accompany chronic patients will empower them for better self-management and improve their health outcomes.


 We empower
  • People in their communities to take charge of their  health by providing health education and self-care support
We empower
  • Healthcare providers in their care settings by building capacity and enhancing their chronic diseases’ management skills

Our Focus Areas

Promoting holistic self-care practices
Creating equity in the doctor-patient partnership 
Building capacity of care providers

Enabling individuals to practice measures aimed not only at curing but also preventing specific health issues

Empowering patients and people in their communities with health, wellbeing & self-care skills

Raising health awareness across communities



“It is the first time I am having a training to improve my knowledge and my skills. When I talk now with ladies living and working in this area of garbage collection and recycling, I have a different way to deliver health messages. I take more time in listening and understanding what the needs of the ladies visiting the Well Baby Center are than giving advice.”

Community Health Worker, APE, Egypt

“Very interesting and useful workshops, in a friendly environment. I learned about the right positions and moves my body need to adopt to stay healthy and avoid pain while performing an exercise or sitting at my work desk.”

Training & Development Consultant at Digital Learning Projects, France

Our clients say about us that we are different


They have shared with us that they lived a unique experience, as they

  • found that the training programs were designed from their perspective – whether patient, community or healthcare provider
  • felt engaged during the innovative, interactive and high-quality workshops
  • got a lot of opportunities to practice skills such as communication, project management, self-care during training



Letter from Medical Training Services’ founder

For more than 20 years I am seeing patients trying their best to improve their health.

When facing an acute illness such as back pain, flu or a broken leg, the situation is quite clear and comfortable for the patient and his care provider: they both know the discomfort will be temporary, needs to be fixed with a treatment or an operation, and that there will be a recovery of health after a determined time. 

Things are different when dealing with a chronic disease such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma among a few. It’s not a matter of days but rather months or lifetime. The patient is on a journey with his doctor along with many other health actors (specialized nurse, physiotherapist, specialist, nutritionist, etc). Here, the main ingredient of care is no longer health science but rather the trust built between those care partners, the patient being one of the most important actor in the care chain. More than a chain, it is a mesh of partnerships where every actor plays its part to achieve a common goal: patient’s health and wellbeing, not only today but in future years to come.

Like anything else, managing chronic diseases has its specificities that need to be taught and practiced in order to be efficient with disease management. Chronic disease care requires the care team to be updated with the latest medical knowledge, a strong interdisciplinary team working ability, a variety of communication skills with patients to deliver patient education and self-management support. 

On the other end of the care partnership, the lead actor is the patient. A patient empowered with self-care skills will be able to make informed health choices throughout his life course and to provide himself care,  as he is his own (and best) care provider 24/7/365.

It became clear to me that the biggest innovation to tackle chronic diseases pandemic is to strengthen both ends of care partnership with adequate knowhow: primary healthcare providers AND patients in their communities.

Dr. Anbreen-Slama Chaudhry

GP | Founder & CEO

Our vision & mission


Our vision is a world where everyone is empowered with the knowledge and ability to make informed health choices, regardless of educational or social backgrounds.

Our mission is to provide equitable knowledge and skills access empowering everyone to make informed health choices throughout their life course. 

Our Partners

Worldwide Immigrants Association

Our services for patients & people in communities

Disseminating Health Awareness

By organizing health events, with our bi-monthly newsletter and through our social media platforms

Hosting Health Workshops

Health training workshops tailored to socio-cultural background and to specific learning needs

Self-care coaching groups

Group discussion on specific health topics, with sharing self-care and easy daily implementation health tips

One to One guidance

Individual advice & counseling with personalized health empowerment methods, self-management and self-care techniques

Our services for healthcare providers

Disseminating Health Awareness

By organizing health events, with our newsletters and through our social media platforms

Training Workshops

Training for improving chronic patients management at primary care level

Chronic Disease Management Circle

Discussion group  on best practices & strategies for chronic disease management for primary care providers

One to One Mentoring

Individual  tailored mentoring to enhance chronic patients’ management skills & TOT competencies

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi