About Us

Our Mission

A world where everyone is empowered with the knowledge and ability to make informed health choices, regardless of educational, social or cultural backgrounds. 

Who We Are

Medical Training Services (MTS) began in 2014 as a complementary training service aiming at improving care for individuals living with a chronic illness, in Geneva Switzerland. Chronic diseases management is complex requiring many specialists to work together for the benefit of the patient.  

As the role of the patient is key in chronic disease management, an empowered patient with self care skills is essential. 

Tackling chronic diseases pandemic is not possible without people being fully invested in self health care practises. It is not exclusive to chronic disease management. To acquire better health it is imperative to strengthen the two ends of care partnership with adequate know how for both healthcare providers AND patients. 

What We Do

MTS trainings and workshops focus on empowering self care and growing trust in patient care system for a journey to better health.    

Building capacity for care providers 

Patient care requires the care team to be updated with the latest medical knowledge, a strong interdisciplinary team working ability, a variety of communication skills with patients to deliver patient education and self-management support. 

Strengthening Healthcare-Patient Partnership 

The trust between healthcare providers and patient is vital in accompanying the patient to better health. Whatever the health problem, it’s a joint effort. 

Promoting Self Health Care

Enabling individuals to practice measures aimed not only at curing but also preventing specific health issues. It is the 21st Century most powereful innovation in the healthcare system.

Dr. Anbreen


CEO Founder Medical Training Services

Dr Anbreen Slama-Chaudhry is a highly passionate  therapeutic  education  specialist,  general practitioner (GP) and health entrepreneur with  more than 25 years specialising in chronic care management, training other GPs and counselling patients to better health.     

Seeing patients trying their best to improve their health & wellbeing and the difficultly the healthcare providers facing to better manage their patients led Dr Anbreen to a more holistic approach towards healthcare practices.    

She founded MTS in 2014, after many years of being Chef de Clinique at HUG (Geneva University Hospitals) where she led many projects in chronic disease management and improving patient care processes. As the trainings developed, it was clear that the patient empowerment process for selfcare is a global necessity.     

Dr Anbreen is on the advisory board of ISF- International Self-Care Foundation as well as a Trustee  of  T1International, a patient led charity based in UK helping people living with Type 1 diabetes. She has trained health care providers in various setups from highly qualified Geneva teaching hospitals to Cairo’s garbage city community centres.    

She is now an international speaker and consultant advocating for empowering selfcare; and in particular woman’s health. She is a mother of three and fluent in English,  French and Urdu.  She based in Switzerland working locally and globally.