For healthcare providers

Providing care to patients

living with a chronic disease

is complex.

Pillar of the healthcare system

Primary care providers  are  the cornerstone of chronic patients’ management.  Dealing with the complexity of care might be overwhelming. Doctors as other health professionals need to count on their patients as care partners. How about empowering your patients with self-management skills? 

Primary Care Providers

Reach your goals with enhancing your skills

With innovative training techniques
In gaining efficiency with your consultation (time, admin work & clinical management)
In performing better with chronic patients'care (with practicing techniques)
dealing better with communications with your teams & your patients
to empower the health & care partnership with your patients
Module 1: Chronic Care Organization
Session 1:      Dealing with Complexity of Care: Complex Systems Management Session 2:      Implementing Inter-professional Team Work Session 3:      Optimizing Patient Health Record Session 4:      Introducing Care Pathways
Module 2: Integrated Clinical Management
Session 1:      Health Promotion & Lifestyles Counseling Session 2:      Chronic Disease Management in Primary Care – eg. Diabetes Session 3:      Inter-professional Team Collaboration Session 4:      Patient Self-Management Support Session 5:      Training of Trainers (TOT)
Module 3: Medical Consultation Management
Session 1:      Structuring Medical Consultation Session 2:      Communicating with Patients:                              Skills & Attitudes Session 3:      Dealing with Specific Communication Issues & Situations Session 4:      Managing Time with Administrative & Clinical  tasks  
Module 4: Patient Education & Self-Management Support
Session 1:      Understanding the Patient Session 2:      Identifying Patient’s Difficulties & Needs Session 3:      Setting Patient’s Health Learning Needs Session 4:      Empowering the Patient for Self-Care & Self-Management Session 5:     Evaluating Patient’s Learning Process (PDCA Cycles)

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