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Self-Care is every action you take to care for yourself.

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Health tip

What are the Coronavirus’ symptoms?

  • High fever
  • Cough
  • Headaches
  • Loss of smell & taste 

Those are the most common symptoms. Difficulty in breathing might be a symptom of the severity of the disease. Do not wait and contact your care provider to get help, your lungs need it.

More Health Tips


Cleaning the nose with blowing or washing

will help to avoid flu complications such as sinusitis or bronchitis, and will reduce headaches and cough.


Use of screens and digital social media

releases Dopamine, a reward feeling hormone. It is how digital addiction starts… Need a detox?


Favor colored, fresh food

and the least processed…  This is the best source of nutrients.


High blood pressure is a result of blood vessels stiffness with age.

Regular exercise helps the blood flowing smoothly in arteries, helping to reduce BP.


Covid-19 isolation and confinement measures were hard on mood.

Regular self-care practices are essential to growing resilience during these pandemic times.


Journey to a healthier you!


Make informed health decisions

You will gain autonomy in your life and be in line with your health needs. Check below what is needed to make your health your true wealth.

Do you know anyone living with a chronic illness?

Dealing with a chronic health condition makes the person his/her own and very first care provider. Help them empowering their health by gaining confidence in self-care and mastery in self-management skills.

Check our blogs on “Chronic illness care”!


Who has kids? Raise hands if you are struggling to find the best ways to keep them healthy…

Here are some tips and ideas for parents to care for their children’s health in our “Parents’ Corner” blog posts.


What is the body without the mind?

There is no physical well being without piece of mind. And the body cannot rest if the mind is suffering, as both are closely interconnected. How to have a “healthy mind in a healthy body”? Some food for thought here.


It’s Corona times…

It’s Corona times…

Just as a reminder, as loads has been already said: Coronavirus is transmitted through mouth/nose droplets, via our hands and breath/cough/sneezing. Symptoms of the disease are mainly high fever, fatigue, cough, loss of smell and/or taste, headaches Treatment is 1....

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What is Self-Care?

What is Self-Care? Self-Care is every action you take to care for yourself. It is not a new concept as it has been practised since ages in every  culture around the world, with development of traditional remedies to keep body healthy, give strength and help it...

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Health is a fundamental

human right.


Good health

is a what brings true wealth.


Empower your health.


Practice measures aimed at

curing illness.


Practice measures to

prevent health issues.


Help raising health awareness in your community.