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Improving Chronic Disease Management

A patient-provider centered educational training program



Curriculum 2020

The training aimed at healthcare professionals takes a holistic approach toward chronic disease care. It enables participants to explore different facets of care and equips them with knowledge and skills to more successfully deal with each aspect. It also enables care providers to better understand the patient’s perspective and empower towards more effective self-management.

This program is suitable for every primary care provider, from doctors, nurses, nutritionists, etc to community health workers. All are an essential part of the chronic care chain.

A different training program is dedicated to patients and people in their communities, empowering them with health knowledge and skills and behaviors.

The more all actors share a common patient-centered, efficiency-driven vision, the best care outcomes will result. 

Module 1

Chronic Care Organization



Session 1:      Dealing with Complexity of Care:

                             Complex Systems Management

Session 2:      Implementing Inter-professional

                             Team Work

Session 3:      Optimizing Patient Health Record

Session 4:      Introducing Care Pathways

Session 1:      Health Promotion & Lifestyles


Session 2:      Chronic Disease Management in

                             Primary Care – eg. Diabetes

Session 3:      Inter-professional Team Collaboration

Session 4:      Patient Self-Management Support

Session 5:      Training of Trainers (TOT)


Module 2

Integrated  Clinical Management

Module 3

Medical Consultation Management

Session 1:      Structuring Medical Consultation

Session 2:      Communicating with Patients:

                             Skills & Attitudes

Session 3:      Dealing with Specific

                             Communication Issues & Situations

Session 4:      Managing Time with Administrative

                             & Clinical  tasks            


Session 1:      Understanding the Patient

Session 2:      Identifying Patient’s Difficulties & Needs

Session 3:      Setting Patient’s Health Learning Needs

Session 4:      Empowering the Patient for Self-Care

                             & Self-Management

Session 5:     Evaluating Patient’s Learning Process

                           (PDCA Cycles)

Module 4

Patient Education

& Self-Management Support

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